Stupid ideea for a dapp!

Maybe is a stupid idea, but i think i’m not the only one that need this dapp…
I work i a big company and i’m responsible to keep the network and a lot of other device working correctly, for this i have to note a loot of ip addresses, a lot of password and a lot of text message, also i use cca 10 personal password and another 100 different notice. I keep on my phone because i need everyday, but this is not secure…
What will be useful for me: a dapp where you can make different text note. Because is only text it will be extremley cheap and secure because is on ICP network
I think i can do this but i’m a absolute beginner in programming and it will take me month and it will be poorly design and maybe not useful. I think here is some people that can write and deploy in only a single day.
I hope i not bothering you all with my stupid idea, but for me to have, whenever i want and secure, all my password and document easily to access it will be GOLD

Thank you and please accept my apology for this request and for  my grammar , is not my native language and also to old to learn grammar now. :)

I think, aedile will be the winner ! was already on icp, but not ready !