Staking problems within NNS app

Hi @kikokiko

The NNS Dapp was upgraded.

Could you check out again and see if the neuron appears?

Go to the neurons page of the project you staked the neuron, wait a ten seconds and if it doesn’t appear refresh and wait 20 seconds.

That should be time enough.

Let me know how it goes!

Hi Imuntaner, I just came across a rather strange problem with displaying SNS neurons in EVERY SNS, of which I am no longer the controller. I sold some neurons using This only applies to neurons created using NNS Dapp. Neurons obtained from airdrop or Launchpads do not appear. All these neurons also have the same ID. Is this a coincidence? How to get rid of it?

Some screenshots:




My principal ID doesn’t have any privileges for these neurons, but they are still displayed.
Neuron ID for these SNS’s is: 077b3a342c54248d4a1b27b18f5e7629c86c520766887ae822ce1a4622e479ce

The neurons appear after about 10 seconds, not immediately like when I was their controller. Since I still control the SNS-1 neuron with the same ID, it is displayed immediately as before. And now the question: why does NNS Dapp detect these neurons? Are they somehow related to my controller even after completely changing it? Let me know what you think!

Shows in voting too

Hi @krzysztofzelazko

Could you send me your principal by DM?

I’d like to compare that with the controller of the neuron to understand where the issues comes from.

Another question: You said you sold the neurons with the id “077b3a342…” is that correct?

The other Neurons’ Fund neurons are expected, right?