Sports League on the Internet Computer

Hello everyone,

A dapp or website that could read or soccer.ico or whatever domain name works and when the user goes there they can interact with the front end and create a team.
Then they can approach another team who signed up the same way and compete. The two teams can choose to compete with funds from the IC. This would make use of the ICP token.

They then can meet the opponent on a public park or any other arena and play. The referee could be a position of hire provided in the dapp funded by the IC or a third party. The site would grow the community of the internet computer.

The players can then advance and form a league on the blockchain.

As the world is advancing into technology we need to find a way migrate sports too.

Not too long ago, Lakers stadium was changed to They spent enormous resources to make that happen.

By the dfinity community building a sport dapp, we can achieve the same goal with a fraction of the cost.

And it would be of more use to more people as they would be excited to join open source blockchain technology.

I’m learning to develop on web assembly and it would be great to meet mentors to help spearhead this project forward.