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Hello ICP Community,
My name is Shery and we are a team of blockchain solutions development, we develop solutions for clients Globally. Around a year ago, we got to know about ICP and its potential and then after working on it internally we decided to develop our Product on ICP because of its pure decentralised infrastructure and superb reverse gas fee structure.

Game Concept & Vision


FantasyExtreme is the world’s first multi-games fantasy decentralised platform powered by blockchain technology, specifically Internet Computer Protocol (ICP). Starting with Soccer and aiming to implement multiple games including Cricket, NFL, Baseball, Basketball etc. the platform is designed to provide an immersive, secure, and profitable gaming experience, eliminating geographical boundaries and bringing together a global community of fantasy sports enthusiasts.
By leveraging the unique capabilities of ICP, Fantasy Extreme offers unparalleled transparency, security, and user control, distinguishing itself from traditional fantasy sports platforms that often rely on centralised servers.

The vision is quite extensive. According to our research so far, we would like to share some numbers with you that are currently prevalent in the market and are expected over the next few years. Please take a look at the below at these numbers.

Reference for this Data: Fantasy Sports Market Size & Share - Industry Growth | 2031

Currently, there are very strong platforms running fantasy games but all are web2.0 and there as per our research biggest issue so far has been geographical play, which we aim to resolve using the blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

GamePlay & Architectural Engineering

Fantasy Extreme operates on a blockchain-based platform where users can create their fantasy players teams, compete in leagues, and earn rewards.
Players can form their fantasy players teams by selecting real-life players based on their performance statistics. The platform provides comprehensive data and analytics to assist in making informed choices. The decentralised nature of the platform ensures fair play and transparency in all competitions.
Winners and top performers in the leagues earn rewards in the form of FEX tokens, the native cryptocurrency of Fantasy Extreme. These tokens can also be used for entering into competitions.
All transactions are conducted on the ICP blockchain, ensuring security, transparency, and immutability.

FEX - Arch2

Project Highlights:

  1. Website:
  2. POC:
  3. MVP (Under Development):
  4. Github: Will share once the project is live.

Here I want to specially thanks here to Quantum Leaps Lab inc for incubating our project in a right & perfect direction to follow the procedures properly and make the launch of SNS DAO successful.
Community support will be much appreciated. Lets make something really wonderful together :slight_smile:
Thank you