SNS critical proposals - no reset of following

Hi all,
in this recent forum thread, we discussed different improvements for critical SNS proposals.

For the measure Remove critical proposals from the catch-all “All topics”, we promised to follow up with a separate discussion whether this should also include a reset of the existing following on all critical proposals.

Our proposal is not to reset following. The reason for this is that SNSs never had default following. Hence, any following settings were actively chosen by the neuron’s controller and therefore we think they should not be changed.

This means:

  • If an SNS neuron has explicit following enabled on the critical proposals, the would remain even after the measure (nothing changes for this neuron).
  • If an SNS neuron currently only has following enabled via “All topics”, after the measure it has to either vote directly or explicitly set following on critical proposals (assuming it wants to vote).

We are looking forward to your feedback.
If there are no concerns here, we propose to not take any further actions in this direction.


I agree. If all Followee selections for SNS proposal topics were an active choice by each SNS neuron owner, then there is no need for a Followee reset.


Flag me off topic, but the majority of what I’ve taken from this is that if the “liquid democracy” following was pre-assigned, it should be reset.

So when will DFINITY reset their pre-assigned 99.9%+ control over the network?

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stay focused, @Accumulating.icp , and disregard the troll’s attempts to distract you. Your work speaks for itself.

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I suspect they want to do this at a later stage of development. Until then, however, ICP may still be considered a security by the SEC.