Proposal: Reset now Followers for the All Topics Category


Reset now Followers for the All Topics Category


This proposal serves as a supplementary proposal to regularly confirm neuron followees

why it matters

  1. Regular confirmation of neuron followees need to wait for development before implementation
  2. 10icp rejection cost has no effect(imo)
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Honestly, I don’t know if this takes less time. It still takes code development. I’m not opposed to the idea, but the community offered some resistance to this idea when we first presented it this way. So @Kyle_Langham and I felt a reasonable compromise was the periodic confirmation proposal that is in progress. I think we need to stick with that plan and see how it plays out. Perhaps Dfinity likes the idea and would make it a priority if it passes such that it takes less than 3 months to be effective. I don’t really know if Dfinity is in favor of the proposal at this time because they have not commented yet.

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dfinity seems to think that increasing the rejection cost of the proposal would solve the problem temporarily, well I think I can verify it

Let’s really check it out:NNS Proposal ID 56430 (
If the crowdfunding is successful, it is invalid to increase the rejection cost of the proposal, and I will launch this proposal

I think the increased burn on rejected proposals is still an effective start. Although I suggested starting higher (25). A few gullible people sending 10 grand to a stranger on the internet isn’t necessarily a more viable workaround.

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I am not associated with @ysyms. But i would not consider @ysyms to be a “stranger”. He has followed through on what he said he would do. Could he renege on his future commitments? It is a possibility. Is it probable? For 600 ICP & and given his track record so far, in my opinion , highly unlikely.

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NNS Proposal ID 56622 ( Proposal is live

This is very poorly thought through. Many of the largest investors that have the largest power to sink this project do not have instant access to their keys to make these changes . You risk alienating a large, important, mostly quiet group that is supporting this project with significant capital.


How does this solve anything? Or is this not trying to solve anything?
This would only give bigger rewards to the people that are spamming and less rewards to everyone else!?

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