Proposal: Deactivate initial following for new neurons

Neurons are created with an initial following setup, which is configured as following DFINITY on all non-governance topics and not following on governance. If the neuron owner does not change that setting, then the existing imbalance between voting on non-governance and governance topics is further increased. Therefore, I suggest to deactivate initial following for new neurons. My arguments are as follows:

  • While this will not solve the spam proposal problem, since existing neurons are not affected, it may at least help not making the problem worse with new neurons.
  • In line with proposal 55651, I believe that following should be an explicit choice by the neuron holder. The tooling (NNS frontend dapp, quill) readily supports the configuration of following, which ensures that stakers can make sure to not miss out on rewards.
  • Most technical proposals that need to pass quickly (exchange rate, disaster recovery) have a > 90% following setup at the moment. Ensuring sufficient following in new neurons is thus not necessary anymore to ensure smooth operation of the platform.

The proposal will be a simple change to the configuration of the governance canister, no code changes are required.


Great idea @bjoern! I fully agree with this proposal, and since it doesn’t require any code changes, we can just do this now, so I will be voting in favor.


I like this idea a lot. I will vote in support. Thank you for bringing this proposal up for deliberation and voting.


I agree with this @bjoern


I agree. While initial following was needed in the past, I don’t think it’s a good idea any longer, especially if initial following is configured in a way such that the neuron doesn’t get rewarded for Governance topic proposals.


I vote yes for this proposal.

I don’t agree with confirming every 6 months requirement though, I think once the neuron holder makes a conscious choice we shouldn’t mess with or question that choice. But that is not what this proposal is about so I will be voting yes for this one.

The proposal is up for voting on the NNS now: Internet Computer Network Status


This is a great idea! Thank you for proposing it.

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