SNS canisters running out of cycles

I had Icpcoins dev console open and I saw this error (since it fetches proposals from governance canisters)
IC0501: Canister qgj7v-3qaaa-aaaaq-aabwa-cai is unable to process query calls because it’s frozen. Please top up the canister with cycles and try again.

“…but the available balance is 13_676_498_207 cycles and the freezing threshold 15_315_030_450 cycles”

That is Sonic’s governance canister left to hang around with 2 cents. Basically, the whole DAO could have crumbled with all its neurons. I quickly added 10T cycles to it. (The dashboard may not refresh it that quickly)

Sonic friends, we are saving your DAO twice for 1 month. Perhaps a statue in your halls would be a fitting tribute to our contributions :statue_of_liberty:

Cycleops was working on a DAO refilling solution @icme


Hey dude, thank you so much. We are working on it.