Seeing error on GET request

If you go directly to this link in some regions, it shows an error page.
Is this connecting the changes with the boundary nodes and /API?


Hitting directly → → KO

Going to → → Then clicking “Funny” and going to → OK

  • Do you know if this is a new issue or if it has always been the case?

  • Do you know which version of dfx was used to build and deploy the assets canister?

  • Do you know if Kinic pre-renders its frontend app (e.g., build/category/funny.html) or if it uses a single-page application (build/index.html only)?

  • Has anything changed regarding the certification of sub-routes on the BN or within the asset canister @NathanosDev @Severin?

Side note: A Juno developer reached out to me a few days ago with a similar issue. Although it may not be related since it is not the same canister code, it is interesting enough to mention.

This is also happening to the OC.

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Nothing has changed on this. Kinic was undergoing SNS and we have a proposal to be able to do FE changes more directly.

  1. This issue is new.
  2. DFX 0.13.0 was used last.
  3. It uses an index and servers. It is a single page web app in Vue.js
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Thanks for the info. Indeed, it is not happening with NNS dapp (e.g. or any of my projects (e.g. which are pre-rendered.

Therefore, if new, the issue seems to be related to single-page applications.

Let’s wait for Nathan and Severin, whom I mentioned above and whom know the context.

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One last bit of info

This works →

Hi @apotheosis

both of the canisters (KINIC and OC) have been deployed with dfx v0.14.0, which contained a bug related to response verification. Here you can find more information.

You should update to dfx v0.14.1 and redeploy.

Just as context:
The problematic wasm hash of the asset canister is:

$ dfx canister info 74iy7-xqaaa-aaaaf-qagra-cai --network ic
Module hash: 0xe7866e1949e3688a78d8d29bd63e1c13cd6bfb8fbe29444fa606a20e0b1e33f0

$ dfx canister info xp7uu-xyaaa-aaaaf-aoa6a-cai --network ic
Module hash: 0xe7866e1949e3688a78d8d29bd63e1c13cd6bfb8fbe29444fa606a20e0b1e33f0

I see! We have a proposal that needs to pass before FE can be redeployed.

How did you find that url? That’s the test version of OpenChat :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

The production version of OpenChat is still running the asset canister from DFX 0.13.1, we will upgrade it to 0.14.1 shortly.

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No idea! One Kinic community dev found it!

Kinic still needs to make further proposals to make it quicker for FE updates with SNS.

We will post on the process as it may be generally interesting for documentation.