Error on DFX Upgrade to 0.14.2 from 0.13.-

So I upgraded my dfx to 0.14.2, and saw this strange error.
It resisted upgrading my canister, by throwing I am not the controller of canister, but this happens only when I am upgrading my canister with a new network config added in dfx.json.

So I added staging as a network in dfx.json like this :

"stag": {
			"providers": [
			"type": "persistent"

Now canisters with network ic are getting upgraded normally, but when i am deploying canister with flag –network stag, it throws i am not the controller of canister, but as soon as i changed network of canister in canister_ids.json file, it got upgraded normally.

So should i change network configs in dfx.json? Or its a sdk error?

My bad, I put in some error message logic that fails in this circumstance.

It should work if you use provider instead of I would bet it has something to do with the domain switch, and there is probably some logic in 0.14 that doesn’t play nice with the old domain

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Ahhh I see. Actually, I should have used only, but somehow I also didn’t notice that. Thanks btw.

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