Error when loading front-end of my application


I have just deployed the canister on ic network using the below command:

dfx deploy --network ic

backend is working fine, and both backend and front work fine on the local network, however, on the ic network I get the following error. Anyone knows how I can troubleshoot?

Internal Server Error

I’ve been trying to get the root of this with no luck! Any help is appreciated. Should I do anything else after deploy?

Can you share more details? Like your deploy logs and, maybe even the code repo of your app?

Not sure I can help though but, can compare with mine that works out.

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Thank you. Here is the log:

Also the code is a modified version of CanCan available here:
functionland/cancan: A scalable video sharing service. (

It works fine when deployed locally (both FO and BO tested on Ubuntu)
But when deploy to ic and loading FO, it gives that error message.
Here is a screenshot of it runing locally:

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I think you issue is that you do not have a canister deployed for your frontend.

If I check your dfx.json, there is only a reference to one canister, the backend one, the one you deployed.

If I check CanCan dfx.json there are two. A backend one as you did and, another one of type assets that serve the frontend app.

You should also deploy that canister and it is then the one you will access through your browser.

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Thank you! I totally missed it and was defenitely a problem there. However, I am still getting the same eeor after changing the dfx and now I see assets are uploaded too. Unless it takes some time due to propagation stuff:

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It actually works out, just tested :wink:.

Now that you have deployed the assets / your frontend app, you should use the new canister ID to access it through your browser. instead of previously / your backend cannister https://uaim5-2aaaa

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Thanks for the help :smiley:

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My pleasure, glad it worked out!

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