Seed Round Access

Hi @cryptoschindler,

Thanks again for the instructions and clues.

You were right, get_full_neuron needs to be signed. However in an air-gapped setup the situation is quite a bit more complicated. And let’s face it, everyone in this thread should be using an air-gapped as we have been urged to do by the Dfinity foundation. Hopefully “Full Custody” and hardware wallet solutions are still on the way.

As of dfx 0.7.1 we can pass the —status flag after the send command in order to get our status data back. So this part has recently become a little more user friendly, and I have now have the response data. See here: How to sign using ledger "send_dfx" to maintain full air gap - #11 by prithvi

Then the instructions say this which I have not been able to understand or figure out: “However the result is actually a Certificate type that you’ll have to paste into and decode"

Here is what I have tried but nothing has worked:

  • Try decoding the full response as hex in didc. Fail
  • Put the response into, grab the the {Certificate: } and try to decode this in didc as a hex value. Fail
  • In, there is a section that looks like it has converted it into a large bunch of bytes that look like this syntax \xd6\xe4\x02q\x8e\xe0\x9c"t\x8b.... This is obviously not hex, so try to decode as a blob in didc. Fail.
  • According to this post, we must find and replace all \x with just \ so that we can decode as a blob. See suggestion here: Decode canister response to query request - #2 by chenyan Removing all the \x I end up with the same list of bytes like so \d6\e4\02q\8e\e0\9c"t\8b... I try to decode as a blob in didc the whole data received. FAILS.
  • So then I must conclude perhaps it’s some subset of the giant list of bytes that needs to be decoded as a blob? I see the string DIDL in the byte data. so I try to just grab the subset that begins with DIDL and decode that as a blob in didc. FAILS. What subset if any would work? I’ve tried many things.

Every attempt at decoding this data has failed. I’ve been at this for many hours now without much help or clue. Supposedly I have the data I just can’t view it.

Would you please be willing to test your get_full_neuron instructions under an air-gapped / sign/send setup and make sure the instructions are complete?

I’m grateful for any and all help.