Seed donation - unable to follow steps because nns-ifaces has been removed

I am looking at seed donation instructions to claim ICP from here: Neuron/ICP Instructions for Seed Participants :: Internet Computer. I am stuck because the linked repo doesn’t exist.

What’s the best way forward from here? Seems like the entire nns-ifaces repo is nuked

It seems like I can get the values from here: Internet Computer Content Validation Bootstrap


Actually, I am not sure if this is correct. When I try to read the info about any neurons from the neuron ID, I get

Error: Fail to decode argument 0 from table0 to variant { Ok : Neuron; Err : GovernanceError }

Then there is the actual KYC form issue. There is an “ICP address” field with no explanation what it refers to. According to Seed Round Access - #434 by amircryptola, this field should be left blank for seed participants. Can someone from the team confirm?

This field should be left blank, as confirmed by Timo.

Solution here for others following and curious: Unable to query individual neurons to get neuron details - #2 by Ori