Same proposal executed twice by NNS

Can anyone help me understand what happened here?

@hpeebles was this somehow intentional?

Either way, I’m wondering the implications are for staking and rewards/penalties in cases like these.

It seems like duplicate proposals could automatically be rejected, but that assumes using unique URLs and my understanding is that there’s no such restriction.

To my knowledge the same URL can legitimately be used for multiple proposals as long as the content has changed. This brings up a separate point, in that the contents at an arbitrary URL can be changed after (or even during!) voting.

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Ahh well spotted!

This was actually a mistake by the guy who made the first proposal (number 5989), he attached the currently live wasm (the web assembly code) rather than the new one.

When he realised what had happened he recreated the proposal but this time with the correct wasm.

This highlights the need for us to be able to verify that proposals truly contain what they say they do!