Rejecting latest nns-dapp proposal (124536) due to build issue

Dear IC Community Members,

DFINITY will be rejecting nns-dapp proposal (Proposal: 124536 - ICP Dashboard) and SNS aggregator proposal (Proposal: 124535 - ICP Dashboard) that were submitted on Friday the 15th of September 2023, due to a build issue that was discovered yesterday (Monday, the 18th of September).

Even though this shouldn’t affect the wasm itself, the build issue is preventing independent verification of the wasm, and we (the nns-dapp team) though it would be safer to reject the proposal until the build issue is resolved.

You will be seeing a new proposal in the coming days that will contain a new upgrade with the fix in the build step.

Thank you for your patience,

nns-dapp team


@wpb Maybe a good idea for CodeGov to check this builds as well regularly ? I do it from time to time but skipped this week.

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Yeah, I’ve thought about that recently. I learned that @Roman actually reviews them on a regular basis just to remain aware of what is changing. I think it would be awesome to have a team of reviewers just doing that…paying attention and knowing what is changing for all these system canister update proposals. It would be a challenge to obtain any sort of verification that people actually perform a review. I would like to consider how to develop the basic idea further though.

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Thank for tagging me Wenzel. To give some precisions about what I do : I read each line of these proposals within the dashboard and go to GitHub to browse the details of the lines I am the most interested in, but I sometimes read the GitHub for each line.

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