What is this? Proposals allowed domains

I use proposals and follow neurons for private proposals to manage a set of dedicated neurons. Today when I went to run scripts to pull Maturity from those neurons there were a bunch of changes. First a type had changed from text to opt text for the title field. Why?

Second, I got an error that the URL had to point to the forums. This is a private proposal and I don’t intend to have public posts about it:

It is very frustrating that this feature of the NNS has gotten harder and harder to use. I’ve been asking for over a year for the interface to add back in the manage neuron topic to the NNS UI and I have not been given a decent reason why it can’t be added back. It is an incredible value feature and could be used by any number of DAOs/Organizations to manage their voting on the NNS and to fundraise.

Can we please have this URL check changed for the ManageNeruon topic? Are there any other gotchas that are coming down the road that I should be aware of?


It seems odd to require that the URL point to the forums.

I’ll bring this thread to the attention of the team.


i was under the impression that this is the dfinity forum not the one and only icp forum


@skilesare This change was made to help prevent malicious URLs from being in proposals, as they could potentially target NNS users who are logged in through the NNS Dapp.

The plan was to make governance proposals that could add a domain to the URL whitelist, but I think that another solution might be more useful, since as you point out, you can have ManageNeuron proposals that point to private URLs.

The URL field can be set to an empty string so hopefully this isn’t blocking you. And currently any URL can be added to the description field in markdown, so this particular mitigation is not achieving much in terms of adding security yet.

We are discussing other approaches. Sorry for the frustrating user experience.

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