Running a staging env in gcp

Hi everyone,
While building my app (aedile) I need a staging environment to validate my developments.
I wanted to run a node on a GCP instance but I find it really slow.
I’m running an e2-medium (2 vCPUs, 4 GB memory) and mounted an XFS filesystem. Disks are not ssds but " Balanced persistent disk".

What should be the minimum requirements to run Internet Identity and a small app ?

Great question. :+1:

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I’ll add to this that it would be good to throw in how to set up the test instance with a local version of the NNS and Identity Canisters so that you can test any ICP or governance functions. Maybe there are other system canisters that would be good to have as well? Maybe the test instance should have the whole codebase deployed in it?

That project has some info on how to set up a docker to build the code, but very little instruction on how to run the thing. I would imagine you’d want to set up some stuff like faking the governing key of the system so that you can call system functions easily to set up your environment and load in your test states and any test canisters that you’d want to test.

Basically, we need a Ganache for dfn that bootstraps this in a local environment or in a test machine.

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sh -ci "$(curl -fsSL"
dfx start --host

That’s all you need to run a private node.
I just don’t know what type of instance is the best suited. On a medium instance it works but after a few calls on an asset canister it just gets ultra slow.
What is the bottlneck ? Cpu, ram, io speed ?


I am also interested in running a private node or “subnet” of IC.
Does dfinity/rosetta-api achieve the same thing as you mentioned dfx start ? The drawback of dfx command is it requires dfx.json.