Can't deploy to the IC

when I try to deploy to I get this error :frowning: :

The Replica returned an error: code 5, message: "Canister apx37-tyaaa-aaaab-qaloq-cai trapped explicitly: An error happened during the call: 1: Canister g62zx-eyaaa-aaaab-qa7pq-cai with memory allocation 10MiB cannot be installed because the Subnet's remaining memory capacity is 5MiB"

I got a presentation tomorrow :frowning: is there another testnet ?

Maybe you should try dfx 0.7.0 as described here: Announcing Improved Asset Canisters.

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Alright i managed to deploy my canister by specifying --memory-allocation=5mb


I get the same issue deploying to the IC, have tried setting --memory-allocation but it still fails with “memory allocation 3MiB cannot be installed because the Subnet’s remaining memory capacity is 0MiB”


I managed to delete 2 extra canisters that i wasn’t using anymore. try to clean has much as you can

How to “specifying” --memory-allocation= please ?

It’s an argument on the dfx canister install command, docs for this can be found here:

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Thank you Ori .:wink: :ok_hand:
I will go check this.