Do we have a way to do deploy profiles?

Dfx deploy stage

Dfx deploy prod

And have them deploy to 2 different canister sets

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hmm ic-domains doesn’t have a distinction for ecosystem does it. I’m gonna have to generate it with webpack.

also i know beggars can’t be choosers but the example on the documentation doesn’t work with webpack and some one less experienced than I might have spent hours trying to figure out why.

“my-staging” isn’t a valid key for json object.

It seems to break DFX_NETWORK environmental variable. Is it possible to force it to be IC somewhere?

Can you clarify? If you set DFX_NETWORK yourself it should automatically deploy to that network unless you override it with --network IIRC

When I do dfx deploy —network stage it sets dfx_network environmental to stage which in turn makes the candid files request agent key and throws an error on load it doesn’t seem to break anything but it’s ugly.

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