RICO - Was this stablecoin a threat to the controlled crypto ecosystem?

Hello everyone. I can already imagine that this post will not receive only praise, but this place is a good place for a trace to remain.
Whether you like it or not, if you back an uncontrollable asset, to something controlled and manipulated, then the first one becomes so too. We saw this with ICP. That’s why this post is something fundamental and related to ICP.

So, maybe you know it, the DAI / RAI stablecoins co-funder died after a tweet saying he was going to be murdered by the C.I.A. the same day.

And the same day :

Of course, If I like Bitcoin, if I like ICP, it is because I am a lover of freedom, and so I feel touched in my soul by this story.

I didn’t understand why he would have been murdered. I mean, the C.I.A. doesn’t go out of its way for a few conspiratorial Tweets… But, I suspected there had to be something threatening to the system. So, this is what i have found :

This guy was an expert in the stablecoin field and had spent all his energy designing the best system, with several trials having significant success. He believed that the crypto system was incomplete without a proper backed stablecoin. He was working on the ultimate legacy of years of work: RICO. It’s was not easy to find informations because all researches about Rico become “died in Porto Rico”…

This is from a book in 1999, it explain how technologies that could threaten private monopolies will be fought :

I don’t pretend to have understood this guy’s work, but I would like to present a few more elements. I hope that this technology will eventually be created. And why not on ICP.

Nikolai’s death deserved some attention and light on his project.

Feel free to keep digging, and share with us.

Thanks for sharing such great knowledge. I like to learn new things about the world and work on myself as a hobby

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