Replace button on SDK page with ICP Dapps catalogue, IC review page or Ecosystem showcase

After looking at the developer center, it is more evident that DFINITY is very close with ICPMN and is promoting them openly. The link directs users to the ICPMN website and there is nothing except ICPMN-related articles and stories. After looking at the page, It seems like the site and the button benefit ICPMN only and no one else.

There are multiple #IC documentations available in different languages as well. Limiting the exposure to only one entity might have its downsides in the future.


  1. SDK pages are often visited by developers and enthusiasts alike. Redirecting the users to a single entity-owned blog does not feel like a good idea.
  2. There are multiple websites that document #IC on a regular basis.
  3. Need more diversification.

This can be replaced with either or

Some of these catalogs also show community links.

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Also, it makes more sense to have site on the SDK page since they regularly issue bounties and actively participate in the governance as well.

IC wiki can be linked as well

Hello @ais and any other relevant people

Hi @CatPirate! Thanks a lot for the comments. For a little history, we had intended to build a ‘community’ page of our own, to include links to various community happenings, but we ran out of time (we wanted to launch the new docs structure before the Supernova kickoff). We found the page and linked to it as a temporary solution.
In fairness, it has been a few weeks now, the site takes some new directions, and we haven’t made progress with our own community page, so we decided for now to remove the link as we build out some new pages.
I take note of the sites that you list. As the ecosystem/community expands, it’s sometimes hard to keep up, so don’t be shy to ping us if you think something in particular should be on our radar :slight_smile:
We are also putting the final steps in place to open the portal to external contributions, so soon it should be easier, and there should be more places for people to add their own docs/info in the coming days.


Thank you for your response. I would love to see more community portals, ( especially the ones that are decentralized) seems to have received a grant from dfinity, maybe the other one got a grant as well. Hard to keep up these days with the ecosystem explosion, for now I think its appropriate to redirect users to dfinity curated showcase or community built catalog

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