Suggestion: transitioning forum to icp

Is there a plan to transition this forum to an ICP solution?


I was just wondering the same thing, @Ajki

And welcome to the forum :slightly_smiling_face:

On a similar note, is this forum (and it’s IC successor) envisioned by DFINITY as the primary location for IC developmental discussion?

There does seem to be a serious advantage to having a main forum, as opposed to many competing forums, where users sift, critique, debate, and build consensus on protocol changes.


We could have a reward system of some kind to demonstrate tokenized moderation

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This forum is built on top of, which is a 3rd party SAAS product so I’m pretty sure that porting the developer forums to the IC isn’t possible.

DFINITY would have to build their own forum software, which IMO is a waste of their resources and time.

Not to mention that the elastic search indexes and amount of content stored on the forums (long posts, images, etc.) would be quite a complex app and architecture to build within the constraints of the IC, as well as the work to migrate all the existing forum data from web2 (discourse) to the IC.

But right now the biggest feature preventing this transition is a comparable elasticsearch - taking this away would make it so much harder to use the forums to search and troubleshoot.

I’m sure DFINITY would fund a developer grant for this if a team wanted to take it on though.


I did not mean move discourse as platform to ICP, but to something similar to dscvr.

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