Accidentally deleted recovery device

I accidentally deleted the recovery device that was associated with a wallet, I have the Internet Identity number and another longer number but can not find my recovery phrase. What can I do to reassociate the recovery device to the Internet Identity Number so that I can access the wallet again as I have assets staked in the wallet?

I have the long number that was associated with my device when I first set up my internet identity, can I use that to readd the device?

Did you delete only the recovery device, but can you still login with another device?

If you can, you should be able to add another recovery after logging in

I only deleted the recovery device and then immediately added another device through the recovery phrase I had but when I used that recovery phrase I wasn’t able to see the tokens that were in the wallet on the new device even though the same internet identity was used on both. What can I do to add the other device back as I think the recovery phrase was only for the wallet with no assets?

I was able to get back into the asset wallet one time after I did this.

Some questions to help you better:

  • Where do you see the assets? Is it in NNS dapp (
  • What do you use as a recovery device? Is it a Ledger device?
  • Do I understand right that you have two devices?
  • What do you mean by “asset wallet”? Is it the NNS dapp?
  • Can you share some screenshots of the wallet (hiding the account and balance)?

Sorry for the list, hehe. I’d like to understand you problem.

I see the assets in the NNS Dapp wallet online.
I use an Iphone as a recovery device.
Yes, I have two different devices, both Iphones.
It is the

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

If you see the neurons, can you explain what do you mean by:

Are some neurons missing? Or the balance is not correct?

I can see the neurons that are being staked but the wallet that was connected when I put the wrong recovery phrase in was mine and we need to be able to get into my husband’s wallet as that is where the tokens are stored. We have since found his recovery phrase but since mine was put in after I deleted his recovery device because we couldn’t find his at the time, it shows it as an invalid recovery phrase. I’ve asked support , after they told me to create a new passkey on his device, if we would then be able to access his wallet since we have his recovery phrase now or if it would create a new wallet and have yet to get a reply.

I believe you might need to a new device now.

Ledger has a blog post on how to do that:

I don’t think you can have one device with two identities, though. So, either you choose one or get another device.

Does that help?