Raspberry Pi Replicas

I really like the ethos behind this…


This would definitely be an incredible step in what I think is the right direction.

just a (not-so) quick blurb of my thoughts:

this would definitely add a huge new dimension to the IC, an open IC network that is directly owned, operated and scaled by its members, absolutely insane! I kinda get why it’d be more expensive, but I’d assume prices would want to be lower to actually have the badlands be competitive to “mainnet.” smaller app devs may not need the speed of mainnet and would gladly trade efficiency for price, without this decentralization would be the sole benefit, which I don’t see as sustainable (happy to be proven wrong here).

people parties are definitely a novel concept for me, but they do solve the “fakeable identity” problem (ie. i’m a French resident, because I have a VPN that I’m using from Japan) of the internet, yet still relying on raw encryption to ensure anonymity. would also be a fun opportunity for devs and node operators to get together, maybe they’ll become ad-hoc IC conventions.

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Open Source Key-Pair parties? Cache u there!

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