Re-exploring badlands

This is a post I’ve been working on for a while about how we can use nested subnets to reconstitute parts of the IC and make some radical changes without disrupting the ecosystem. There are a few posts to follow but any feedback would be appreciated.


Wow. Epic start, looking forward to reading the follow up posts on implementation… hoping this is something the IC can achieve sooner rather than later.


At this moment encouraging a fork is precisely the wrong message to be sending when we really need to rally around the success of the IC.

I want to encourage all the people who are frustrated to just take a big breath and relax. We are going to make it. There are so many exciting things in the wings and only dfinity can help make them happen.

Badlands should only be explored from a position of strength. Now is not the time.


Strongly disagree building badlands will take time, which is why it should start as soon as is feasible. I can only envision this strengthening the network


There is a lot more here to discuss than just Badlands. The idea behind painting a picture of that radical approach is to explore the full gambit of more moderate approaches.

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