Fully anonymous virtual people parties

According to Dominic (https://twitter.com/dominic_w/status/1447328913437433856) fully anonymous virtual people parties are coming. By participating in such parties, will allow turbo charging one neuron and later add badland nodes. He clarifies in a reply to his tweet, that turbo charging means “More voting power (which also produces more voting rewards)”

Is this proposal being worked on, currently? Where can I read up on the details?


I’d argue that a viable “proof of humanity” verification system (like virtual people parties) are as or more important than SNS.

If the IC can somehow solve the bot problem (and also allow dapps to leverage it), then that would be a huge step forward for both the IC and web3 as a whole.


Right now the bot issue is making IC platforms unusable. But I guess that’s the aim of whoever is targeting us. So maybe it’s a compliment? :woman_shrugging:

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Slight tangeant, but I’ve heard chatter that to participate in a people party, you must have a neuron with a maximum of 1 ICP, is this correct? If it is, may someone explain the logic behind it? I can already think of countless ways that this may disparage ‘little men’. Not a dig by the way, just genuinely interested! :slight_smile:

Edit: I’m not against having a maximum ICP count within neuron (of course within reason), but 1 seems like a double edged sword.