"Common Good" services hosted on IC

It would be awesome to have a common good subnet just for sandbox/ experimenting/ and on-boarding new users.

I would also suggest we make a video tutorial “how to use a chromebook” on this same subnet.

most of the public school kids here in US use chromebooks .

Let’s not forget all the those future hackers. :slight_smile:

Dom has talked about a dev using a chromebook in one of his talks.

Chromebooks support ‘linux’ with a debian 10 container but I was unsuccessful installing dfx. Ubikey will be needed also. I think.

Would love to here your thoughts.


I agree . There should be a lounge like portal we can copy and paste that has links to the internet identity, and explains to them about decentralization. We can work as conductors like they did back in the day like with the underground rail road . - a conductor would escort a passenger to safety through a series of passageways . They would rest at each station . Right now we need to get the central slaves over to the other internet, the anomous cryptonet where they will be free! This helps soften them up and letting them know early adopters will be labeled meta human helps .
After more II’s thru the identity later we can open the gate wider . And we need some dynamic and engaging and innovative dapps.

A ubikey device costs half as much again as a chromebook. Couldn’t Dfinity subsidize a hardware manufacture and start cranking out physical identifiers? Send them out like AOL used to send out Intro CDs with 500 free hours. After all, I suspect that a Ubikey is just a USB flash drive with an NFT token on it, nothing special or expensive at all. If you want mass adoption, and to stick by your dream of no user-names, and no passwords it’s the only way.

I bought the yubikey for $70 which was most expensive model.
Chromebooks also run android apps now. So that is an option also.
currently upgrading the linux container from debian10 to 11 on my 4yo chromebook to try dfx install.
I like the idea of an ‘aol-like starter’ kit/key idea.
I am still very enthused about ICP platform. even at $60 :slight_smile:
btw: metaMask functions very well in default config of my chromebook.

this worked to upgrade linux container. I have successfully got ‘hello’ from quickstart working, Yay!
so dfx is installed and seems to function.
onto the ubikey next…

ps- i see that some new chromebooks have fingerprint reader


I created a PR here to nns.proposal.
supporting comments may help