DFINITY Foundation's vote on Governance proposal #52151 (ICDevs.org as named neuron)

Dear ICP Community,

TLDR: DFINITY Foundation will vote YES on proposal to add ICdevs as named neuron.


The DFINITY Foundation (via its named neuron 27) has started to vote on governance proposals. Since the DFINITY Foundation is a critical player in the ecosystem, our long-term intent is to make a habit of explaining our rationale for how we vote in motion proposals, Foundation voting power, etc… for further visibility.

In this particular case, we will vote YES on Proposal to have ICDevs.org added as a named followee in the NNS dApp.

We want to be clear in what this means and does not mean:

  1. Foundation supports parties that want to name their neurons. We support organizations that have made their presence known and want to be listed.
  2. Foundation is NOT vouching for the entity. We still caution ICP community members to use caution and diligence in choosing followee neurons that hold their best interest.
  3. Foundation will not always vote yes on this type of known neuron proposal but we believe ICDevs has been present enough in the community to cross the threshold of presence (via community involvement). Foundation may abstain or vote NO in future proposals for entities it cannot find much involvement in.

Please keep an eye out on an upcoming post from me on the Foundation voting power (22% of the network currently) and a list of all its neurons.

Thank you everyone,



This is awesome @diegop. Thank you for offering an explanation. I really appreciate the transparency. The foundation position on this proposal and future proposals makes sense.


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