Cycle_dao is Terminated

Excuse the theatrical title. This is an announcement of the wrapping up of cycle_dao, a brief history, and an explanation of lessons learned.

To avoid unintentionally aligning people with perspectives they may not agree with I’ve removed most names from the post but thank you to everyone involved.

Please read and comment on


Thank you Arthur. I want to let you know that I really appreciate you allowing me to participate as a voting member of the cycle_dao neuron. I learned a lot from you and from the active members of cycle_dao at the time. You provided inspiration to me to consider starting the ICP Maximalist neuron and to become more active in NNS governance. It’s been a fun journey and you definitely had a big influence. I have listened to every episode of The Internet Computer Weekly because there is such rich content and you have a natural ability to extract high quality information from your guests. Thank you for the role you have played in the IC ecosystem. I hope to continue seeing you engage in the future.


Since @Arthur has indicated that the cycle_dao neuron is following the ICP Maximalist neuron in this article, I suspect there are people who follow cycle_dao who may want to know more about the ICP Maximalist neuron. Here is a good starting point that describes our voting members and how we vote.


Thank you for your time @Arthur, excited to see what you do next.


Thanks Wenzel. It has been great and the inspiration has apparently been mutual.:slight_smile: More stuff to come of course


Lots in the pipeline :slight_smile:


@Arthur thank you for being such a thoughtful presence and leader in the community.