QR Code Identity authentication?

I was wondering if there are any plans to improve the identity solution to allow for printing a QR code on a desktop machine, that then gets scanned by a phone that uses biometric authentication, in turn adding the desktop as a new device without needing yubikey?

Admittedly I did not spend a lot of time wrapping my head around the identity documentation on github, but in case there are no plans, is there something fundamentally stopping such a feature right now?

I realize it probably is on the low list of priorities, but it sounds like a nice feature on paper.

Hi Siliev, I think this is a solid idea! I’ve pitched a similar strategy internally around this.

The core idea - using a QR code to authorize a browser using your trusted phone - should be possible if the work is prioritized.

The part where there would be a technical limitation would be around persistently adding the desktop as a new device. Currently we only accept Web Authentication as a secure method to signing calls to Internet Identity. Even if we had a secure way to store authorization in browser storage indefinitely, we are limited by browser and OS support.

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