Shall we improve UX/UI for Internet Identity Registration?

We just launched an MVP of our project and some users complained on the long and heavy registration process. I asked them what was it that’s annoying? I was also observing them while they were registering. So it wasn’t any specific thing they were struggling. It just took time to digest everything.

So the idea is that we can think on how we can make UX/UI (specially for mobile) more friendly.
For example, imagine that instead of this (people complained on it)

We have a simple screen with two icons - FaceId/finger scan or a pin-code.

Are there any plans on such improvements? Does it make sense?

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I wanted to make a thread on the internet identity app but since this is up I’ll post here.

From my personal experience, on a windows 11 machine, it would not work for me. I tried to set it up with an Android phone and it would bug out every time, I was tinkering around for 30-40 mins while also looking up fixes, I was never prompted to use a 4 digit pin-code either (something I saw in tutorials). I don’t think this is the experience the average user should have, I would be happy to assist on the improvement on this.

Have u thought about including gmail login? I think II is heavily optimized. If people want simple centralized options gmail is always there