PYOR SNS Dasboard Update

Hey guys, I’m a founding member at PYOR. We were given a grant by the foundation to build a dashboard that highlights the rewards being distributed by SNSes to votes.

We launched our POC to the community in April to get some initial feedback.

Here is our finished version of the dashboard (we’re still open to incorporating feedback!). The biggest feedback we got was the UI/UX, although that wasn’t our focus for the POC.

We then took some time to redesign the entire dashboard to put more emphasis on the core objective - which was to educate users about the potential rewards they could be earning and use data to act as a source of truth to help them become active governance participants in the SNS ecosystem. To achieve this, we’ve added additional data points that gives a comprehensive view of the rewards potential!

Would love for the community/foundation to play around and give us feedback. As part of our distribution strategy, we will be pushing this more from our end through curated content/weekly updates on Twitter, Discord, and the Forum, to get this to more eyes regularly.

P.S. Our dashboard is not real time, it refreshes every 24h.


Hi guys, cool stuff. I believe ICX voting rewards should be zero since we disabled them. How do you calculate it?

Thank you for pointing this out, we hadn’t handled a case to filter out SNS based on system parameters changing midway. We’ll include a few more conditional statements right away!

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Thanks! (btw it’s just “ICX” for now)

Maybe the voting power for neuron should be normalized, either as percentage of total voting power of that token or in dollar terms?

Very cool dashboard! I actually didn’t know the information on followers is public for SNS tokens - it’s not for NNS yet. It begs many more questions about why a particular neuron has so many followers (and sometimes so little voting power). Is there a way to identify whether a neuron is owned by the project team, or by a community DAO member (who is NOT from the project team)?