Update on the work and prioritization of the various features planned for the NNS and SNS

Hi all,

We would like to give you an update on the work and prioritization of the various features planned for the NNS and SNS.

As mentioned previously in other forums, the current key focus of the NNS team is the delivery of SNS functionality as part of the Carbon milestone which is a crucial enhancement for the IC ecosystem. The Carbon milestone includes hosting SNSs on the new SNS subnet, an SNS initial token swap, an initial version of SNS rewards and a first minimal frontend.

We consider other features that are planned to have a lower priority and hence suggest tackling them after the SNS rollout. This includes for example the work on compounding maturity, the community fund and spam prevention.

Nevertheless, we all could use the time from now until the Carbon milestone to discuss and agree on the design of upcoming features in the forum and during community conversations. For example, we will share in a few days a design proposal for the community fund initiating the according discussion.

NNS team


Looking forward to the community fund design proposal.

As an aside, did you ever find pilot projects on the IC to test the new SNS with? It’s big step to hand over control of your dapp to an untested (and revolutionary) governance structure. Partnering with a guinea pig project (or creating a POC project yourself) will give other projects the confidence to do the same.

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I’ve heard of two projects willing to try, but I’m not sure if they are willing to be named publicly already.

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We’re planning to use the SNS with our virtual pet game Dragginz