Releasing SNS Rewards Dashboard

Hello everyone,

I’m a founding member at PYOR We’re thrilled to launch the SNS rewards dashboard we’ve worked on for the past few months.

The objective of the dashboard was to educate token holders about the potential incentives and rewards they could earn if they voted on SNS proposals. To this end, we’ve released a dashboard covering 14 SNS dapps that entails the following features:

  1. $ value of rewards distributed by the SNS dapps in the past 24h

  1. Leaderboard sorted by descending order rewards distributed by SNS dapps since March 2024, and bar charts showing rewards distributed per dapp on a 7d, 1m, 3m, and overall (since Jan 2024) granularity

  1. Neuron Leaderboard sorted by descending order of rewards earned per neuron across all SNS dapps. The table can also be sorted by followers, voting power, etc. The table also includes a search filter to search a neuron.

  1. The SNS APY calculator allows users to input any neuron ID and dapp to see the APY earned by that neuron based on the neuron’s configured parameters. Users can seamlessly copy neuron IDs from the neuron leaderboard above and paste in the calculator.

  2. The neuron efficiency calculator allows users to input any NNS neuron ID to see if the neuron is achieving its maximum potential in terms of rewards earned based on its voting activity in the most recent 100 proposals.

The process of sourcing data and curating this metrics was challenging as the chain doesn’t store most of this data and historical data is rarely available. All the metrics were curate through the rewards calculations and formula mentioned in the documentation.

About PYOR
PYOR is a blockchain analytics firm backed by Castle Island and Coinbase ventures. We’ve worked with protocols like Tezos, Compound, Quickswap, Osmosis, and many more by curating on-chain data dashboards and research reports.

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