Pros and Cons of Removing IC's Follow Neuron Functionality

What might be the potential drawbacks of eliminating the ‘follow neuron’ feature from the IC system, compelling participants to personally vote on proposals instead of passively following others? I suspect that in most instances, a majority of people (retail investors) not even review the proposals.

From my perspective, it would be more beneficial to display a list of named neurons along with their voting status on the voting dashboard. This could help those who may not comprehend the technical aspects but trust certain neurons, enabling them to vote in a similar fashion.

I anticipate a number of challenges could arise, particularly with VC neurons that typically follow all Dfinity votes. I’m guilty of this myself, as I generally trust Dfinity when it comes to changes and roadmap decisions.

The topic is about collecting feedback since implementing such changes could potentially lead to numerous issues.


Since we are talking about NNS improvement. I guess named neurons should be allowed to change their text over time and comment their vote choice on the platform directly.

Interesting topic. Proposals should be discussed in a decentralized forum, not just those owned by DFINITY.
Changing the description yourself over time also seems good.
There are many good ideas discussed in this forum, maybe they will be implemented in a few years?
We don’t know that, but the DFINITY team is not planning to make any major changes to the NNS Dapp UI in the near future.

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Governance should be banned from dfinity forum all together. It’s not really a fair governance conversation when dfinity has the power to ban people.

Instead of removing named neurons if we are just looking for decentralization we should make it so smaller named neurons give more rewards.

We need more independent code reviewers, which (perhaps) requires some economic incentives. However, most voters only care about the rewards of voting. I think that easy voice dispersion in NNS can be achieved by the dependence that the larger the neuron you follow, the smaller your rewards are because you contribute less to the decentralization of the network and thus its security. On the other hand, if you follow a smaller neuron and receive larger rewards, you would statistically need to check that it votes with due diligence more often so as not to lose rewards by being inactive or voting the wrong way, which also seems desirable.