Project on ICP : A revolutionary idea

Hello everyone. I spent this week, day and night, programming a little game to learn and understand what ICP is. I succeeded, I just didn’t succeed yet to integrate the possibility for the canister to manage ICP. (Deposits/Withdraws). It was tedious for the amateur that I am. But, I realized more how wonderful ICP is.

The reason I have been practicing is that I have an idea for an other application. This idea is, I think, incredible. Yes, I know, everyone always thinks their idea is amazing, everyone always thinks they are going to change the world.

The idea I have, it’s worth millions. I know people will fight to be the first to use it… People will go all day on this app to see what’s going on. I’m not trying to impress you by saying that, it’s the truth. People will fight to use this service. And the most amazing thing is that this idea is actually very easy to implement.

I think 2 days would be enough for an expert to have a basic working version. After programming on ICP for a week, I think I would be able to do this project alone (I would need more like 7 days with a worse result). However, my skills are basic, my code is basic, and I don’t have professional reflexes. When I compare my code with professional programmers on github, I feel really ridiculous and I lose confidence in myself. So, my skills are useful for basic programs, but, the idea I want to realize is so incredible, that it deserves to be implemented and concretized by a professional coder.

I have no doubt that this idea, will eventually come true, and someone else will end up creating this application if I don’t… Maybe even right now other people are working on it. This idea is so incredible, I can’t stop thinking about it. I have the whole structure in mind, the autonomous governance model of the application… I would like to partner with someone to make this project happen. But, how to trust?

If I give my specifications, then my partner has no interest in working with me… And although I can bring things to the design and functionalities, an expert can easily do without me, or choose another collaborator.

I’m not just doing this for the money. I have some money from cryptocurrencies, but it’s not particularly satisfying. What have I created? What have I brought to the world by doing this? Not much, except a little bit of energy with the belief in a new paradigm… But, I would like to have the happyness of being able to get paid thanks to the tokenization of a real project, something useful, something beautiful… That is, pass selling NTFs…

When I think about the people working on ICP, I think that they must be so happy to be able to contribute to create something that brings something good to the world. I envy that.

So, how do I partner? How do I find someone reliable to make it happen? Do you have any ideas? Are there any of you who would even be interested?


First lesson in entrepreneurship: ideas are worthless, unless you have users.

So my advice would be to get users first.

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Hi Benji and thank you for your advice. I’m realistic, and I understand that.

However, it’s because you don’t know the project. For sure, advertisement is required. Hovever, once it will be deployed, it will get huge attention from the community… And all community will need it. And even those who are not in the community, will want to be part of the community to use it.

Maybe it already exists, and I don’t know… but if it exists, I would like to know it… Because i need it, and I even need to pay for it, and probably use it exclusively… As many will.

The potential and usefulness is infinitely and incomparably greater than any CPI project I’ve seen before. I realize how much people have not yet understood what ICP is capable of. My idea is however so simple.

I realize how much the ways of thinking to create are based on old ways. If you could see what I see, you would fight to be part of this project. But I understand that the assertion of a stranger with broken English, as people have seen thousands before, does not resonate… I understand it so much.

It’s not a project about doing new boring stuff that nobody really needs. It’s something everybody needs everyday, but can’t even imagine it’s possible to do it like that. But once it will be completed, it will be a source of inspiration for derived projects based on this new model… because it’s about a model, applicable to other areas. My idea is a new general model, but applied to a specific area.

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If you create the only chat existing on earth :earth_africa: , would you be worried about to find users ?

one of the most persistent delusions in the world is that good ideas are in high demand due to being rare to find and necessary for a good product unfortunately this is completely false in its entirety

if you don’t have money or skills or experience or connections or anything at all to bring to a business relationship then your idea is guaranteed to be hot air too since it has absolutely no ties to reality

you say you judge that you have a good idea in the same breath as you explain all the reasons why you are unqualified to judge and nobody should take your word on it

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I am not completely beginner, I was even valedictorian at university in computer sciences. But I worked a lot (and I was programming since 14y.o). Also I’m a bit slow when need to learn new stuffs. However, I stopped my studies to open many business companies and get complete freedom.

I am not thinking about create something requiring a lot of devs, time or money. I am not dreaming about a new mmorpg with new mechanics and DAO… I could, but this would be hot air yes… My project is more more more simple.

I can design UI, UML, write classes… writing the DAO rules… white paper, roadmap… there is many things I can do. I can write absolutely all algorithms… even probably write 90% of the program and functionalities.

The problem is that I’m very slow at programming when I need to understand documentation… I can literally spent 3 hours for each new stuff… I lost 1 day to unblock internet identity pop-up… 3h to create a hash map… 2 days to understand et remember essentiel part of dfx command… I’m slow and I loose a lot of energy in these part. I’m better to design than write the code with new libraries I don’t know. This is why I need a partner.

I made this for learn :
I’m really not proud of it…

For example I wasn’t able to use an array in motoko after 2 hours, so I stock all history in a Text with chain#newActivity
This was also only the second time I used JS and I didn’t program for years before this. My studies were more than 10 years ago.

I am sure I am nearly 100% able to realise my project alone, but I would be too much basic and no competitive with other team thinking about doing the same. There will be 0 fees for users except fees to fund the arbiters who will govern the app. The arbitration is the advanced part to code in the v 2.0 of the app. My rewards will only come with the valuation of the tokens associated to the project which will allow to people to use the service.

Then, even if I can do it myself, I need someone to help to implement a better code and best security practices. If someone help me, we share 50/50 of the token allowed to devs, staked forever. I can’t imply a community in a project without an expert able to secure it better than me.

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Use spend 1 day making a landing page describing your idea, and all of the great things it could have… even say things that might be future features. Use ICME again to add in ‘follow’ for more and a link to your Twitter also use ICME’s email feature to capture emails.

Once you do this and see signup ratio, please come back and post the results. Good luck!

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Thank you, I will check this.