Please increase wallet in nns 1. more than 10, 2. implement delete function 3. or treat cold wallets differently than internal wallets

Hope now In the right forum Area …

Dear all,

i I have ONE internet identity.
I secured my Neuron/Stake with my Ledger.

In my NNS I see n wallets.
1 x ledger
After that I clicked at some point (created new wallets from nns) until it didn’t work anymore.
→ i do this becouse Treatment regarding the 1 year holding period for cryptos in germany

I detect / reach the upper limit appears to be a total of 10 wallet addresses.:frowning:

Now this is really stupid…:frowning:
a) I cannot increase the upper limit (max. 10)
b) I can no longer delete any of the created blank wallets (from the 10 created)
c) I can NO longer add new wallets. (only my cold wallet was the second after the main-wallet)

In my problem that means:
I wanted to add a 2nd ledger for a new hardware-controlled neuron for an new 8 year stake for my childrens…

Unfortunately, this is no longer possible :-(.


I ask that you treat the external wallets (ledgers - hardware controlled) differently than the internal wallets (nns generated addresses).

  • it should be possible to add new external wallets at any time…

Furthermore, it is possible to delete wallets that have NOT yet been provided with a transaction (send).

If necessary, increasing the upper limit (10) is very little…

Thank you for your help, may be you can prioritize this wish/propasal.
Becouse i need a new hardware controlled walled in my “internet identity” - this is not possible today…

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