Neuron owners and investors wanted

I am a 16 year neuron member, 8 years to dissolve after 8 years not dissolving, if I do anything to change this I am penalized.

But it seems that now we have Dfinity team members who want to change the stakes.

How about letting me as a 16 year member be allowed to increase my stake for my 8 year dissolve delayed neuron, with the same rewards and be able to spawn those extra Staked coins after a minimum period of time just like you are offering everyone else.

You are trying to entice spammers, players and piddly little investments.

This would bring investment from real neuron owners, make them have only one neuron that they can do this on, maybe some of those dead neurons may come back to life but leave the original staked coins.

I think you have a conceptual error, if you take a neuron with 1 year and 1 ICP and add 1000 ICP. The 1000 that you added only have the % of dissolution, the plus by maurity does not count. This means that the aging context is not the same for the original ICP as it is for the 1000 you added.

If I’m wrong let me know, thanks!

Don’t allow to add anymore than you have. You have 1 icp then you can only add 1 icp and also you can have a limit set to a neuron with 500 icp or more.