One of my $chat neurons disappeared

One of my Chat neurons expired, and I extracted it. It became a neuron with a balance of 0, because the maturity generated in it could not be extracted or pledged; so, I tried to extend the maturity of 0, and then successfully pledged the maturity. After logging in to nns today, I found that my 0chat neuron disappeared, so did the maturity chat in me disappear out of thin air?This made me feel very uneasy. There is no record to track. When the maturity level was not taken out, I didn’t take a screenshot and there was no evidence.Anyway, now that 0 neuron is gone…

If it disappears, then what kind of coin is produced on the chain?Centralized coin issuance mechanism?

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I am not the expert of the Neurons thematic therefore will forward your question to the team.

Meanwhile, we might need more information to debug this behavior.

That’s why I sent you a PM with some more questions.

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Thank you for your attention

You can look up all your Chat neurons in Canister: OpenChat Governance - IC Dashboard by using the list_neurons method.

You can withdraw your CHAT rewards directly with ICDex , and your rewards will be delivered to your account 7 days after you make the withdraw.

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too much , can’t understand


Could you elaborate on what you mean by this?

I see on the dashboard that you disbursed your neuron.

That means that you probably clicked here:

Screenshot 2023-06-19 at 10.57.04

At the moment, the neuron has 0 stake and 0 maturity. That’s why it doesn’t appear in your list. The NNS Dapp hides neurons with 0 stake and 0 maturity.

I can also see that the transaction of the disbursed neuron went to your account. Then, that account transferred them to another one:

Does that help understand what happened?

Let me know if you have any question!


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But where did the maturity go?The transferred out is 549, which does not include maturity

LIke this, wo only receive 549, where’s Maturity

The maturity is accumulated when the neuron vote. To be able to vote, the neuron needs to be locked for a specific amount of time.

One of the OC neurons that you received was not locked. Therefore, you couldn’t vote with it and no maturity was rewarded.

I understand that it’s confusing, and I’m sorry for the misunderstanding. You can find more information about Voting Rewards in the Wiki.

You can also read through how NNS neurons work in the Neuron Wiki. NNS neurons work slightly different from OC, but in general, you can understand one by understanding the others.

I hope that helps.

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What is lost is the neuron that has been locked for a three-month period. Interest has already been generated. It is not what you are referring to. Unfortunately, the interest is not even in a ledger. I can’t tell you anymore because it is a bug. The problem, you can take a closer look at my main post. I won’t reply anymore. Fortunately, the loss is small, but I know that this bug still exists, and I will use nns carefully in the future.

@slq016 what do you mean by “I tried to extend the maturity of 0, and then successfully pledged the maturity” that you wrote in your original post? If the maturity was 0 how could you extend it?

:joy:,Yes, after the neuron expired, I clicked the payment button inside, and then the neuron changed to 0, but the neuron still exists because the maturity did not come out with the payment I clicked.The maturity could not be taken out, so I stretched the 0 neuron pledge period to more than one month, and then pledged the maturity. All the operation feedback showed that it was successful. The next day, the neuron with a balance of 0 disappeared, so the maturity disappeared. Am I very good? I detected a bug for you. I don’t know if you understand what I described.

@maria is the possible issue here that no neuron was spawned to claim the interest?

No, I extended the payment period with a balance of 0 for a period of time, and then it disappeared. Who will compensate me for the loss, and the foundation will at least reward me ten times for the bugs I found.

There is a problem with the product, there is nothing the IC foundation can do . PLS Learn about the SNS UI of IC lighthouse :dog: