NNS governance - who’s who

Finally got my neuron up and running and excited to partake in the governance of the Internet Computer.

While the NNS app give us the option to follow the Internet Computer Association and Difinity Foundation, it would be helpful to have an overview of key team members (Dom, Jan, Andreas, etc.) and potential external parties, their field of expertice and their main Neuron ID, so that we as the Community might make an educated decision on who to follow on certain topics, rather than relaying on the standard two choices we currently have for everything.

That way we will move towards making the Internet Computer a truly decentralized project


I think this topic is high priority if the network wants to gain confidence from the blockchain community.
Something I believe is not the case right now! It would be nice to be able to give a name and a description of your neurones so everybody can be on the list and not only the Internet Computer Association and Difinity Foundation.