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Hi, this is blockpunk, the founder of ICP League (twitter &, and in response to the community’s call for NNS decentralization, we decided to apply to become NamedNeuron.

Why we want to become a named neuron?

The NNS system has the highest authority in Internet Computer network, it is authorised to make decisions in all important tasks within this network, includes Economics, nodes or subnodes incasement, roadmaps and so on. Thus, the decentralisation of NNS is also the decentralisation of IC network.

It is safe to say that the current IC network does not demonstrate decentralisation, the named Neurons, in other words, public and traceable neurons, are not enough. Certain group of neurons hold a significant proportion of voting power, in which limits the governance. The named neuron of ICP League will accelerate the process of decentralisation.

Meanwhile, there are significant number of early neurons did not participate in governance, many of them require command lines to vote, in which led them less bounded with the total development of IC network. ICP League is promised to develop user-friendlier tools to help them to involve, enhance their enthusiasm by the community force.

What will we do for IC and NNS?

  • We have been loyal preachers of ICP for long time. We are going to continually promote the ideas and characteristics of IC network. We will bring more potential users and developers.

  • We have a superior team of researchers and engineers. They have helped us to make research articles and ecosystem reports. We have helped the community to understand the circumstances of the Network and NNS and we will keep doing so.

  • We have made a more user-friendlier front page for NNS and making the mobile platform that is launching very soon. We want to make sure users can participate in governance in a more convenient way.

  • We are going to develop more tools for NNS, help more communities or individuls to take governance leaders roles.

Our principles

ICP League will apply self-voting out of 99% time, rather than following an existing named neuron. Our researchers and engineers will analyse every single governance proposal, and broadcast its core to community. Our voting principles are state below:

  • We are determined of against junk proposals, but we will explore more reasonable governance mechanism.

  • We would stand with non-official communities, and we will make our decision based on this proportion: 60% weight on developers, while 40% on communities and invertsors.

  • We will unite more early investors of DFINITY, especially those who are in Chinese communities.

  • We are tied up with the interests of IC network in long term, therefore we will against short-sighted, poisoned simulations or Ponzi.

  • We are going to accelerate the decentralisation of IC network, for instance, we will support other applications on naming neurons.

  • We endorse the design of permissionless, and we against any other limitation or discrimination towards application layer.

  • We prefer to approve proposals from DApps that requires NNS voting, so that they can save cost.

  • We are crypto natives, we are going to be more active on the process of cryptography, composability, safety etc.

Who are we?

ICP League is a non-profit community and incubator. We support developers of IC to make products and services, to build more user friendlier infrastructures, and spread the spirits of Web3.

ICP League founded the first DFINITY & ICP community back in February, 2017. We have grow enormously in 2019 till 2021. We have hosted many online and real-time events. Meanwhile, we have successfully supported many entrepreneurs to establish their services on IC.

know more about us: Internet Computer Content Validation Bootstrap


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NNS 系统是 IC 网络的最高权限,决定了网络中一切重要事务(经济学、添加节点与子网、路线图等),因此 NNS 的去中心化决定着 IC 网络的去中心化程度。

显然,当前 IC 网络并不足够去中心化,可命名的神经元(公开的可跟随神经元)还不够多,少数神经元持有很大比例的投票权,这限制了治理水平。ICP League 的命名神经元将加速去中心化进程。

同时,有大量的早期神经元并没有参与治理(许多需要使用命令行来投票),这让他们并没有与 IC 网络的整体发展紧密联系在一起。ICP League 会制作更易用的工具来帮助他们参与,并通过社区的力量激发他们的积极性。

我们会为 IC 与 NNS 做些什么?

  • 我们一直是 ICP 的忠实布道者,我们将继续向整个 crypto 社区介绍 IC 网络的思想与特性,吸引更多的潜在用户与开发;
  • 我们有一只优秀的研究者与工程师团队,我们经常输出一些研究文章与生态报告,帮助社区理解网络中正在发生什么,NNS 在做什么;
  • 我们为 NNS 制作了更易用的前端页面,并同时制作了移动端(未来上线),让用户更方便的参与治理;
  • 我们将围绕 NNS 制作更多治理相关的工具,并帮助更多社区/个人成为治理领导者。


ICP League 99% 的时间中都会自主投票,而不会去跟随已有的命名神经元。我们的研究者与工程师团队将对每一个治理提案进行分析,并将其内容广播给社区。以下是我们的投票准则:

  • 我们会鲜明地反对垃圾提案,但会去探索更合理的治理机制;
  • 我们会更多地站在非官方的社区角度,在我们的决策中,开发者的观点占 60%,社区与投资者的观点占 40%;
  • 我们将更多地去团结 DFINITY 的早期投资者,特别是华语社区;
  • 我们与 IC 网络的长期利益紧密相关,因此我们会反对短视的刺激毒药和旁氏设计;
  • 我们将尝试加速 IC 网络的去中心化,比如赞同其他命名神经元的申请;
  • 对于 IC 的系统层设计,我们赞同无准入的设计,反对任何对应用层的限制与歧视;
  • 对与需要 NNS 投票的 DApp 相关提案,我们将更倾向于通过,来削减 DApp 的成本;
  • 我们更加密原生,会更积极的推动密码学、可组合性、安全性等方面的进展。


ICP League 是一个非盈利的社区与孵化器组织,我们支持 IC 地开发者创建产品和服务,建立易用的基础设施,并更多的 Web3 的传播理念。

ICP League 在 2017 年 2 月建立了全球第一个 DFINITY&ICP 社区,在2019-2021年间我们的社区获得了巨大的增长,举办了多次线上与线下活动。同时,我们成功支持了多个创业者在 IC 上构建服务。

可以查看我们的介绍:Internet Computer Content Validation Bootstrap

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Thank you so much for taking this step to become a Registered Known Neuron. I have been a fan of the contributions you and ICP League are making to the IC ecosystem for a while now. This will be a very good new choice for people to follow in the NNS dApp. You are also setting a great example of in this forum post because you explain very clearly who you are and how you intend to vote. Thank you for providing this information. You will definitely get my vote when this proposal is submitted.

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Proposal published