[Proposal] Adding Isaac Valadez

Hello! My name is Isaac Valadez.

I’m 31 years old and live in Houston with my wife and two daughters.

Why I want a named neuron

As of last week, I’ve finally transitioned to working on the IC full-time! I’d like to have a named neuron for these reasons:

  1. I need to submit this proposal to make sure the “Register Known Neuron” feature on nnsproposal.icp.xyz works properly.
  2. I’m working on some exciting projects that’ll be impacted by the NNS, so I’d like to give others a way to support these projects by following my neuron.

In fact, I’ll be publishing a whitepaper on a new type of DAO model soon on Medium and Nuance. You can find my other social media URLs at isaac.icp.page, but be sure to follow me on Twitter if you want to stay in the loop with this.

My contributions to the IC ecosystem

  • Right after Genesis, I was the first one to figure out how to make a contact form with automatic email notifications work in the IC.
  • I created the concept for dSquad and ran the project as CEO up until handing it over to the owner on September 2022. I lead this project through a successful presale and my pitch helped it win 1st place in Metaverse & NFT during the Supernova Hackathon.
  • I started and ran Motoko Bootcamp earlier this year, which got over 500 registrations.
  • I created the dapp used to submit this NNS proposal as an open community tool (nnsproposal.icp.xyz).

How I will vote

My neuron is optimized for maximizing rewards and it follows DFINITY, Internet Computer Association, ICDevs.org, Synapse.vote, and a few other individuals.

However, I will be taking a special interest and manually voting on most governance topics. These are some of my values regarding Web3 governance:

  • It should be accessible, fair, permissionless, and transparent.
  • We need to think about how we can add accountability to Web3 governance decisions.
  • We should be very careful to avoid catering only to those who are rich/influential because power naturally tends to centralize.
  • Topics like the socialism vs capitalism debate are worn out and too polarizing to be productive, so we need to focus on exploring effective new ideas, avoiding political terms and language which distract and divide. We need to move conversations like this forward, rather than getting stuck debating which 100-year-old framework for over-generalizing complex decisions is worse.
  • I want to protect the ability (and responsibility) of the NNS to fully control and even censor the network because 100% immutability of harmful dapps could be nearly as bad as censorship in the wrong hands. Instead, we need to make the NNS the right tool for resolving sensitive decisions like whether or not something needs to be censored.
  • I want to make sure we don’t get the NNS into trouble with regulators because even if the NNS can get away with something, it should still be a good “world citizen” and be careful not to act recklessly.
  • We need to find a way to implement some type of quadratic voting mechanism as soon as we can find an effective approach for doing so.
  • If a few years from now the NNS is still easily controlled by a small group of elites or “experts”, we’ve failed.
  • Ideally, in the future, the NNS will be diversified by many large neurons controlled by DAOs with various different DAO structures. This means the NNS will become more of an L1 governance system, decentralized by the diversity of both the participants with neurons and the different governance models controlling how those neurons make decisions.

More About Me

I’m not sure what to call myself other than a generalized nerd who likes to make things.

I’ve been a business owner, product manager, inventor, corporate B2B sales rep, mechanical engineer, digital marketer, & web developer. What might seem like a random background has always been driven by a strong desire to understand and master all the different skills required to successfully build products/services that deliver value to others.

In addition, I love the study of physics, have a Mechanical Engineering degree, and enjoy 3D printing as a hobby.

Whatever I might do professionally, nothing will ever surpass the incredible accomplishment of my happy marriage to my best friend and the joy of parenting my two beautiful young daughters.

Next Step

Thank you so much for your time reading this, please vote to adopt this proposal so that I can register my known neuron!


Neuron ID: 13765488517578645474


I voted to approve. It’s cool that you used your new proposal dApp to submit the proposal. Well done.



Unfortunately, during that test I found a bug in my code and had to submit another proposal to replace my first one (so embarrassing):

Internet Computer Network Status

Internet Computer Association - Internet Computer Network Status

This is why we need to test in a live environment though…

Thankfully, everything looks to be working properly now so I can enable the “register known neuron” feature for everyone!


Don’t sweat it. No big deal.

Looks like only 2 votes have been cast for the Synapse neuron so far on 85719 and I just sent a communication asking voting members to read your second proposal 85734 before voting. I suspect Synapse will reject the first proposal as you requested.


Great that you want to register your neuron!

Could you please put your neuron id here as well? I always like seeing the same user post on the forum / twitter as some social proof that they are indeed behind the register known neuron proposal with the correct neuron id.



I also realized I had forgotten to add Motoko Bootcamp to my list of contributions, so I added that in there too.