If you are having intermittent issues using II and the nns-dapp with recent Chrome versions, read on

There has been an issue in the last few Chrome versions, which interacts with a dependency used by the agent-js library and has been causing problems when using some IC apps. It’s not easy to reproduce consistently and it also doesn’t affect all Chrome users even in the same combination of Chrome version, Operating System version and CPU arch.

The effected users are not able to use Internet Identity or the nns-dapp and likely other IC apps; they’ll be getting errors like the attached screenshots:

The technical RCA is in this post Upgrade agent-js to resolve a Chrome issue

agent-js received a fix very recently and we are currently testing the nns-dapp and Internet Identity with agent-js v0.19.1 (Release v0.19.1 · dfinity/agent-js · GitHub) so expect updated versions fixing the issue very soon.

Thank you for your patience :slight_smile: