NNS dapp update proposal

The GIX team will be submitting an upgrade proposal for the NNS frontend dapp later today.

Update: The proposal is number 124280

Context: What is the NNS frontend dapp?

The NNS Dapp offers a user-friendly platform for interacting with the Network Nervous System (NNS) and any SNS of the Internet Computer.

Change Log

The most noticeable change for users is that the login page has been removed. Unauthenticated users are now taken directly to the content pages. Here is a full list of details:


  • New tag for NNS neurons: “Hardware Wallet”.
  • New derived state store for SNS projects.
  • Identify swap participation ICP transactions.
  • Improve error messaging on payload size limit in proposals list page.
  • New lifecycle store for SNS projects.
  • Introduce an option to collapse or expand the application’s menu on large screen.
  • Remove some unused fields from the aggregator converted type.


  • Defined an account data store interface, to allow account storage migrations.
  • Update SNS Swap types to match the latest canister interface.
  • Hide by default the proposal summary in ballots.
  • Review checkboxes vertical alignment, border contrast on dark mode and remove hover background colors
  • Launchpad proposal requests only Open proposals of the SNS topic.
  • When reusing cached agents, use the current identity instead of the one in the cached agent.
  • New landing pages for Accounts, Neurons, Canister and Settings when not logged in.
  • Remove login page and redirect to accounts instead.




  • Fix wrong “ICP Staked” message in SNS neurons.

Thanks @bitdivine for the share.

As two of these propositions involve UI/UX changes, and thus have visual components, allow me to include a few screenshots and context to provide a clearer understanding of following two features.


  • Remove login page and redirect to accounts instead.

We are proposing to remove the main login page but, of course, users will still be able to sign in from any page (:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:), as is currently the case. This change eliminates a gatekeeper, allowing users direct access to the dapp. Personally, I view this a bit as a transition from an “app” to a “platform” experience.

With this proposal, the “Accounts” page would become the default - in other words, visiting https://nns.ic0.app would take you directly to the “Accounts” page.

In the future, we plan to iterate on these pages to enhance their content for users who are not signed in, aiming to improve the conversion rate and hopefully attract even more people to join the governance (:rocket:).

It’s important to mention that we’re not satisfied with the performance of these initial screens yet. We have plans to improve this aspect as well. Specifically, we’re planning to reduce the number of chunks that need to be fetched by the dapp, which should speed up the start time.


  • Introduce an option to collapse or expand the application’s menu on large screen.

This proposal would introduce a new feature available on larger screens (tablets and desktops), allowing users to collapse the side menu. An added bonus is that this setting is saved in the browser’s local storage (anonymously, similar to the light or dark theme), ensuring that each time you sign in, it will retain the same state.

In my opinion, if I may share it, this is quite a neat addition, and the collapsed menu appearance is nice.

What are your thoughts on this, cool?


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All of these additions, including the collapsible part, are awesome. Thank you for continually uplevelling the experience.

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The proposal has been made: Internet Computer Loading

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