Proposal 128153 to upgrade the NNS dapp

Happy Friday ICP community!

Proposal 128153 to upgrade the NNS dapp just went live, please consider voting. :ballot_box:

Important note: this upgrade contains work initiating removal of the protobuf dependency. If the proposal is adopted, users will be required to update the Internet Computer app on their Ledger hardware device. See this post for more information.

Change Log


  • Add ENABLE_ICP_INDEX feature flag.
  • Add metrics and logging for schema migration.


  • Minor wording and style changes on the neuron detail page.
  • Enable loading state from stable structures.
  • Enable migrating state to and from stable structures.


  • Remove support for devices with Internet Computer App version smaller than 2.4.9.


  • Remove functionality to add pending swap transactions in NNS Dapp canister.


  • Bug where transferred SNS neurons appeared in the list of neurons after transferring them.
  • Bug when the “Manage Internet Identity” link always uses domain.