Proposal 124787 to upgrade NNS dapp & 124788 to upgrade SNS aggregator


Hello All,

There is a proposal to upgrade the nns-dapp.

Please examine the proposal and consider voting on it.

Many thanks!


  • Add the amount of maturity related to a selected percentage.
  • Disburse maturity of sns neurons.


  • Show the token selector also when not signed in.
  • Use consistent positioning for the copy icon in the Hash component.
  • Allow setting a dissolve delay that’s shorter than what’s required for voting power.
  • Improve contrast of token selector’s logo in light theme.
  • Remove the “Project” leading word in the SNS Project card.


  • Fixed issues with SetDissolveDelay component.
  • Fix sent transaction icon background color dark theme.
  • Improve text color of total value locked’s label.
  • Make duration rendering consistent.
  • Improve tooltip location when container hides part of it.

The GIX team will also make a proposal to update the SNS aggregator shortly. That proposal will contain the following changes:

  • In fast updates, update derived_state and lifecycle as well as the now deprecated swap_state. This means that while an SNS sale is in progress, more data will be update frequently.
  • New field logo in the metadata with the relative path to the logo asset.
  • Add a getting started section in landing page.

Update: The proposal has been submitted.. Please consider voting.


Hi, is the modulation for disbursement of sns-neurons based on the icp/xdr rate like the nns-neurons?

Yes, it is.

See the wiki page for more info.

Let me also ask the comms team to update it to also explain the SNS neurons there.


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