New NNS Dapp Release Proposal

Hi :wave:!

We have a new proposal to update the NNS Dapp.

In this new proposal there are quite a few improvements:

  • Neurons can leave the Community Fund
  • Change the UI style of the Input and Checkboxes. This brings us forward on our planned redesign.
  • Split the buttons in the Canisters page. Now there are two buttons instead of one that opens a modal to choose between two options.
  • Improvements in the error management of some hardware wallet flows.
  • Internally we also upgraded some libraries and made quite some progress on the end to end tests for the new SNS feature coming up.

You can check the proposed changes in the test environment

You are welcome to vote on the proposal here and share your thoughts,



Proposal executed and dapp updated :tada:

You can see the changes now on


I have to say I hate the new checkboxes. They set off trypophobia… something about them looks like tiny ingrown hairs.

Everything else is great, just the checkboxes!

hahahaha, I’ll pass that comment to our designer in case more people think they look like tiny ingrown hairs. We don’t want that :joy:

Glad you like everything else!