Fix: NF Neurons Not Available for Direct Voting in NNS Dapp

The DFINITY Foundation has decided to vote early on a release today to fix a vulnerability in the NNS Dapp: Proposal 127093

The vulnerability prevented the Neurons’ fund (NF) neurons controlled by Internet Identity principals from directly voting on SNS proposals in the NNS frontend dapp.

Following and hotkeys were not affected and worked as expected. Therefore, voters were able to cast their votes for NF neurons through their followees or by adding hotkeys to other principals. The bug showed now because, in the latest version of SNS governance, the catch-all following no longer includes the critical proposals. So, some NF neurons wanted to manually vote on such proposals.

We consider this to be a security issue because anything that improperly prevents some users from voting can potentially influence governance decisions.

Only one member reported issues voting with their NF neurons three days ago. Therefore, we assume that only a few users were affected and that the impact was low because most NF neurons voted by following, which always worked.

On a more positive note, Proposal 127093 also introduces new colors for the light and dark UI themes which the team has worked on for the past weeks.