NFTs, CCC ( CCC Protocol ), General user access, guides and yield

Hello, I have an artist for a neighbour who is interested in creating a small ongoing NFT collection, of around 100-250 NFTs a year (yet to be specified), which will be direct correlations of his paintings

I will be animating his work in photoshop, and will likely be using this for his collection, I will also be attending the Dfinity online ongoing workshop in hopes of learning more about NFTs and the ecosystem in general.

Is there a correct standard, in prepping NFTs for CCC, and/or any guides which may help me on my endeavour

How does yield farming work with NFTs on the IC, say I helped produced a collection of NFTs, could the proceeds be used to fund a community neuron which in turn provides varying yield to NFT holders, based on rarity, which would be generally funded through a sales tax.

I have heard Avocado Research have done something similar to the above, and am wondering if there’s any manual elements to the NFT icp payouts, or if this can all be automated using a smart contract i.e maintaining as much decentralisation as possible. Is this what Avocado do?

Is there any guides or information which may help me on my journey, especially in understanding the minting process, and yield opportunities for NFTs, as I have attempted to find some NFT whitepapers but have had no luck thus far.

Any words appreciated!

I am pretty sure entrepot don’t allow projects that promise dividends, profit sharing, passive income that type of thing due to legality. however I believe ccc doesn’t mind

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Thank you for this information I was totally unaware and have updated my thread accordingly, I’ve heard of CCC (where Avocado Reasearch NFTs are listed), do they have any guides any/all links appreciated, especially involving the yield/minting process