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I bought a nft from the yumi nft market. I transferred it to my wallet. This NFT no longer appears in my yumi account. However, it does not appear in my wallet. I found it on The screenshot is below. However, I could not manage to transfer it to my wallet.
I need help.

Nauts CC

Nauts CC #408





Last Price:

7.3 ICP

Max Price:

7.3 ICP

List Price:

7.3 ICP

Min Price:

7.3 ICP

Sale Times:


Date of Birth:

2022-11-22 17:10:48

Not all wallets shows every nft.
You bought nft on Yumi
1.Which wallet you connected to Yumi
2.Then you transfered nft to another wallet ,which one?

Btw. Import your wallet address into Nftgeek website and you will see it

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I saw my nft, it seems to have come to my wallet. but I don’t actually have it in my wallet. The problem is that;
How can I transfer this nft to another wallet? Via or you sent
Is nft geek on how should I do this?

So your nft stuck in the wallet which doesn’t showed it.
Since NFTGeek has no option to transfer nfts,you shoud contact wallet support and tell them to send your nft back to you.
Include tx and info.
I think it is a simplest way to do it.